M.Div. M.R.E. Hons. B.A. MBTI Certified Practitioner. Life Coach (PCCI)


Strengthening individuals, couples and families. Serving Muskoka and beyond from Bracebridge.



Counselling and Coaching:

creative counselling coaching meg wardroper
You are the Expert on You!

Strength, value and encouragement based counselling and coaching rest upon these assumptions:

  • That you have strengths and values you can be encouraged to access to help you solve your own problems or reach you own goals

  • That you, as an individual, couple or family are the expert(s) on you, and that a counsellor or coach is there to help you gain insight into your expertise and channel it in helpful ways
  • That you are motivated to change what needs to be changed and open to expanding your awareness about how that can happen

"Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen."

Pete Carroll

you can expect:
  • Affordable and adjustable rates (see Fees )
  • Brief but deep counselling
  • Short or long term life coaching
  • In person counselling and coaching
  • Phone coaching for short or long distances (and international)
  • Options for groups and retreats

Examples of issues addressed:
  • Identity and self worth
  • Grief and loss
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Couple communication
  • Family system dynamics
  • Women’s issues
  • Life stages and transitions

Special Focus on:
  • WomenAdolescents​, Seniors
  • Christian marriage counselling
  • Spiritual discernment and abuse
  • Life purpose and vocation
  • Cross-cultural and missionary life issues
  • Mother-daughter issues.


Counselling Services:
  • are for those needing help with regaining hope, personal and relational functioning
  • are solution focused and future oriented
  • are experientially sensitive
  • integrate a variety of modalities in which I have been trained, including CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic, Narrative, Family Systems, Strategic and Structural
  • rest upon a systems framework, which looks at everyone in the context of the variety of systems in their lives, such as current immediate family, family of origin, extended family, work and community networks
  • use a storytelling/narrative framework to express internal experience
  • build upon strengths and resilience
  • are culturally relevant and sensitive
  • incorporate the spiritual framework of clients
  • use a Christian focus only by request and informed consent
  • are as deep as possible within a brief time frame
  • are in person, 50 minute sessions, paid for in each session
  • move forward by client’s choice from session to session
  • aim to cover a span of a maximum of 10 to 20 sessions for most clients over a time period regulated by the client’s choice and capacity
  • use creative resources where appropriate, such as collage, focusing techniques, journaling
  • are used within a framework of ongoing informed consent and ethical guidelines
  • rely upon a mutual trust and respect between counsellor and clients
  • are only given to clients with whom the counsellor does not have another regular relationship
  • can use coaching techniques for parts of treatment where appropriate and agreed upon
  • are for individuals, couples or families
  • can be terminated at any time by the client  
Coaching Services:
  • are for those with emotional stability and positive mental health
  • are used in a partnership between client and coach
  • are intended to help with goal achievement in a variety of personal areas
  • are designed to be used within an agreed upon contract between client and coach
  • can be suited to many time frames over short and long periods
  • can be in person or over the phone or internet face to face devices
  • use up to date life coaching techniques of powerful questioning and presence
  • are paid for by contract in advance of a prearranged series of sessions
  • do not include any personal counselling or counselling techniques
  • can be given to people already known to the coach, whether former counselling clients, friends or acquaintances
  • are for individuals
  • are terminated by agreement between client and coach


river boat counselling meg wardroper
  • are by request only from the client and will never be forced by the counsellor or coach
  • are begun only after written informed consent is given to counsellor or coach
  • can be terminated at any time
  • are based upon solid biblical teaching in agreement with the historic creeds of the church
  • are intended only to enhance the counselling or coaching requested by the client
  • are used in agreement with other Christian resources and affiliations unique to each client